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2017 saw explosive growth in the number of ICOs, as a revolutionary way to attract investment. The growth in collected funds in 2018 took place despite the introduction of a number of changes and restrictions in this area related to regulation processes and the types of tokens being issued (for example, regulation of the issue of tokens by the US S… Read More

It's been said time and time again that happiness is a journey, not a destination. We can feel perfectly fine even when life gets sometimes difficult. People who do are more than 10% happier with their lives. To be honest I was feeling a little down today but thanks to your inspirational post, I feel a lot better. Lovely as these are, they can leav… Read More

Life is a series of negotiations. As teenagers, we negotiated with our parents to borrow the family car or perhaps for a prolonged curfew. Today, we negotiate with the employers of ours for better benefits; we negotiate with our spouse or partner for rights over the remote control to the tv and we negotiate whenever we buy an automobile. We are for… Read More

Fixed - It is possible to kill players above Kitchen through the indestructible floor using explosives. The result is a more responsive experience for all players and a reduction of latency. Worse still, there are players who have mics, but use speakers for sound, which means the rest of us hear their in-game sound, and can't pay attention to what … Read More